Take A Chance

Going through life I’ve realized I am my worst critic. I try to be the best there is at anything that I do. Immediately, I think I should get it the first try without any hesitation. On the first day of my intern I was afraid to fly; afraid that I wouldn’t make it. I was ready to give up; and was ready to call it off. But the more I kept accepting the challenge, I began to spread my wings and fly. I began to soar without viewing what was in sight. Or as my parents say, “seeing what’s at the top of building,
or what’s around the corner.”

My advice to the doubtful is to BE WHO YOU ARE! Business owners would not be who they are without being their own person with their own style. Don’t be afraid to fall on your face because the best part is getting up and succeeding. Keep moving higher even if you can’t see the top. My professor greatest gift to her students is failure. If you ask her why she will tell you “when you fail something, you learn how to better yourself and pick yourself up.

“Keep Chasing Your Dream even if you can’t see the way.”

-Jordan Wright