About Me 

My name is Jordan I. Wright and I’m a graduating Senior of Campbell University of Buies Creek, NC. I’m studying Graphic Design with a minor in Communications. When I’m not stressing over classes, I’m either photographing an event, or working at Food Lion. I love being a cashier and the best part about it is my customers. You all bring me such joy; even the ones that make me want to throw their grocery.

My mother having a passion for photography passed the legacy to me. I love making people smile and pulling out the shy person that lives within. When photographing anything that I do, I get on the ground in the dirt even if it’s with my phone. It’s not about the subject it’s about what angle you take the shot.

What inspired me in photography was when I was first diagnosed with Lymphoma Non Hodgkin’s Disease; which is a type of cancer that starts in the lymph nodes. In 2000 I was granted a Make A Wish sponsored by Duke Children’s Hospital. I chose Disney World for my Make A Wish. I wanted to capture every moment on the camera and wanted to take pictures of everyone that I encountered. This inspires me even to this very day. “Take a picture it lasts longer.” Everyday in life I try to live life to the fullest and shed light in the darkest of places. I understand most photographers may have more experience and age but you’ll never find another person with as much passion and joy as I do. 

If you click on the button labeled “Relay For Life” you can donate to the Relay For Life Foundation and give to those battling cancer.